25 Feb

Audrey's Rainbow

This week my family spent the week on vacation in the Dominican Republic. We started our vacation last Saturday in the wee hours of the morning literally running to our airplane because we waited 10 minutes for the parking shuttle, then the lines were outrageous, then of course after security, we found out our terminal was at the very end of the airport. Thankfully the direct flight went without a hitch. Upon our arrival, we were greeted with beautiful weather and friendly people, what we weren’t expecting was the mass confusion and chaos at their very small airport. Our flight arrived almost an hour early, exactly the same time 4 other flights arrived leading thousands of people pushing and shoving their way to three customs agents. After two and a half hours, we finally hopped on a bus to our hotel which was filled to capacity. So much so, they overbooked the family suites and separated my husband and I from the kids by four rooms plus an elevator hallway. No, I didn’t sleep that night and immediately requested a change the next day. Fortunately, many were checking out leaving us two adjoining rooms…all was well. We spent all day at the beach and in the pool and at the end of our first full day, my husband came down with a severe sinus infection leaving him stuck in the room the next day and a half with fever and chills. The rest of the time went well, besides the one incident with my son eating something with nuts (he’s allergic), and my other son having to be pulled in as he drifted out to sea by a strong riptide, oh, and at night the mosquito hunts in our rooms….our time overall was awesome. We spent time as a family in beautiful 80 degree weather, body surfing the waves, and relaxing in the pool. All of the ‘minor’ incidents on this vacation will be funny memories.

Pretending to be a Rockstar

Isn’t that true of life in general? We all sit around waiting for the ‘big’ stuff to happen; getting to the hotel for the vacation to finally start, the dream job, the big break, the lottery win, etc, but truly it’s all the little or ‘minor’ things that make a life. In fact, sometimes when we look back, the things we thought were little were actually the big things we missed while waiting. Our vacation started Friday night after school and work, not Saturday night when we finally got to the hotel. Don’t miss out, don’t dwell on the little stumbling blocks or mishaps, it could ruin your vacation, or day, or life. Soak up life and laugh about it, it’s funny sometimes!

Today I wear Korres Lip Butter in Plum. It’s kind of a sheer berry which would look great on anyone. Korres is an all natural brand which is a plus and this particular lip butter is super moisturizing with just enough color. I would say that it was the only lipstick I brought with me, but you all know me better than that; but, it is the only thing I wore, the others just took up space!

4 Responses to “Vacation”

  1. Jo February 25, 2012 at 8:04 pm #

    We visited the DR, Punta Cana actually and we loved it there. On our resort and all along the beach that ran by it was just lovely. Now out about 1/2 from the resorts going back to that famous airport, not so nice and very sad. Our week was lovely though. Major relaxation and over eating over drinking and dancing every night.
    You’re right about the things that don’t go as planned that are the memories and the laughs in the years to come. The beauty of the location may stay in your mind, but that is a hard thing to share. The laughs come from retelling what went wrong!

    • Anna February 26, 2012 at 8:10 pm #

      Thanks Jo! Yes, the beach was absolutely amazing. No rocks, just soft sand and ocean, we also had the best weather and of course, overeating and overdrinking. It was hard to come back. I think if we don’t laugh about mishaps and moments we would all go crazy!

  2. Brenda March 2, 2012 at 12:18 pm #

    What a wonderful picture, which of course has left me completely hungry to travel. And you do look like a rock start. I am wearing Clinique honey berry.

    • Anna March 3, 2012 at 9:17 am #

      Thanks Brenda! Seeing the rainbow brought me joy,especially since it was the first day on the beach! I’m gonna have to try that lipstick…I think we have similar coloring too!

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