6 Jan

photo 3
Why do bears hibernate? The thought has always sounded somewhat appealing to me…eat a bunch to fatten up, find a dark cave, then sleep all winter long. Well, here I am. Stuck in my house, literally. After about 16 inches of snow and below freezing temperatures, I’m stuck.You know when you tell kids they can’t have something, that becomes the object they absolutely want. It’s like that right? Stay in, it’s not smart to leave (believe me, I tried and got stuck in the driveway)now, all I want to do is leave, drive, be free…really ridiculous. So now what? Change of perspective. I’m in a warm house, I have food to last until I can dig myself out, I have electricity which keeps the heat on, and I have wifi and a cell phone which keeps me connected to the outside world (you guys). My boss also let us stay home today which was perfect so I could catch up on paperwork. Like the bear (although it’s only been one day), I’ve been eating enough to feel like I’m fattening up to keep warm for the winter. I have to admit, it’s beautiful outside. A fresh blanket of white always makes things look clean and 2

The same goes with life right? A simple change of perspective is all we need sometimes. Disney has skewed our mindset a little, life is not always ‘happily ever after’, it’s not a fairytale. There are twists and turns around every bend that on our best day we cannot predict. Sometimes you have to look at life from all the angles to gain true perspective and sometimes we simply have to look in the mirror. ‘We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.’― Abraham Lincoln

Today I wear something that I love so much that I went ahead and bought 4, yes 4 tubes of it to make sure I had enough through the winter in case they decided to discontinue it. It is Nivea lip balm in A Kiss of Cherry. I love it! Since my lips are a little dry in the winter I constantly apply lip balm, this contains shea butter so it keeps lips moist (hate that word), but it has a red tint to it which adds just enough color and cherry flavor. To me, it is a great improvement to Cherry Chapstick, although I like that too. This one’s just alot less waxy. Cheers!


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