Only Human

14 Jul

For the past week I have been in training for my new job.  There are around 20 of us (complete strangers) in a single room for almost 10 hours a day.  I also was assigned a roomate for the duration of training.  We are all different ages, different stages of life, from different parts of the country with different backgrounds and different reasons as to why we took the job.  I love observing people and behaviors.  What I’m curious about is what drives people.  Of course, we have the outspoken crew and the super competitive, the people who talk to be heard and the wallflowers.  What I found out about me is that since having cancer, I have less tolerance for the people who believe they are above everyone else and that they’re opinion is somehow the only opinion that matters. 

We are all people who are in this journey of life together.  Why do we waste time making automatic judgements and acting superior?  I really don’t get it but as The Green Lantern says from the movie “We’re only human.”  It’s not worth the trouble trying to pretend to be something you’re not, because it doesn’t work and it’s exhausting.  We ARE only human and we ALL have our flaws and insecurities, let’s praise what we are given and seriously enjoy every moment.  Life is too short. 

Today I wear Carmex lip balm because today I am just me.


One Response to “Only Human”

  1. Sarah Young July 15, 2011 at 6:26 pm #

    As a fellow pharma rep, I can tell you that training brings the WORST out of people. The circumstances create a summer camp environment, and sometimes emotional ages regress to that! Best of luck to you as you get through training, and keep being YOU!

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