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Roller Coaster

26 Jul

Well, we are drawing on a close on week 3 of training for my new job.  I have been away from home for the majority of the three weeks.  I can’t say that it’s been fun and exciting, but I can say I have heard so many stories of people, where they came from, their hardships and trials, and why they are where they are today.  I have also made some lifelong friends.  Many know about my book, but most don’t know that I currently am living with cancer in my neck.  It’s been a little bit of a struggle to maintain composure, but generally since the atmosphere is high stress, it has been a great distraction.  Which brings me to my next point, going home.  I found out my cancer returned one week before coming here and have not really been able to completely process the information.  Now, going home is bittersweet because now, I have to go back to dealing with my recent diagnosis.  It’s reality.  Am I mad, sad, dumbfounded? Of course, all of the above and now I have to deal with it.  I don’t feel I have the strength for a fourth time but I know God is there and I know I have to.  What saddens me is that I feel my smile fading.  Hope is now a little more difficult for me but it’s all I have and I have to continue trusting God.  I’m also sad about having to put my family and friends through all of this again, it’s such a roller coaster and I want off because I’m seriously getting motion sickness.

On a lighter note, I went on a lipstick trip with a few of the gals from here.  It was great fun and they all loved the colors we picked together.  I know I am here for a reason and for a purpose specific to me.  I still love God and I believe I still have some fight in me, although at this point I may have to dig a little deeper.  I am excited to see what lies ahead because truly, it has been an amazing adventure.

Today I wear Estee Lauder Pure Color lipgloss in Plum Divine simply because it’s beautiful.  Life is beautiful.


Like Father, Like Daughter

17 Jun

Me and my dad

People have always asked me where I got my love for music and my musical ability.  Although I have many musically inclined relatives, I have to say that most of my passion for music came from my dad.  Growing up, we had the turntable stereo with the 4 ft. speakers on each side in our family room.  At least a few times a week my dad would blast a symphony playing classical music and pretend to be the conductor.  I would watch in awe as he conducted Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and even John Philip Sousa.  He would also continually play singers like Nat King Cole, Johnny Mathis, Tony Bennett and sing along with them.  My dad was and is always singing; sometimes instead of replying to a question with words, he replies with a tune.  I learned later on that he played the trombone in the college marching band and was also in a band playing the harmonica.

My dad and I are a lot a like.  We are both quiet and laid back and sometimes have difficulty expressing our feelings; I think that’s where the music comes in.  When we find it hard to express ourselves, there’s music that can do it for us.  My dad was stern and strict growing up and I’ve only seen him tear up a few times.  Every Christmas, he would play Filipino carols and tear up because of the family and friends he missed in the Philippines.  That’s what I mean, emotion through music.  Now for me, music runs deep, it affects my heart and I can literally feel each note and word of a song.  I thank my dad for this love and expression.  He has taught me many things and even though he’s a man of few words I understand him.

Happy Father’s Day Dad, I Love You!

For Dad’s day I wear Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss in Rock Candy.  It’s a gorgeous soft baby pink lipgloss with diamond shimmer throughout, great for any skintone!  I wear it because the pink reminds me of my childhood and the bling reminds me of the musical showman my dad truly is!

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